Summer Bustle

Well after what seemed like months of cold and rain this spring, we're finally experiencing some incredible summer weather...and it's been almost two weeks since we've had a hail storm come through - impressive! I thought I'd just post an update with some random things we've been up to the past few weeks.

With the fabulous weather, we've been doing lots of things outdoors, from playing with neighbors to going to friend's parent's cabins, to going to the park!

Our "neighborhood watch"

Riding the jet ski at Fennig's cabin

Playing ball in the back yard

About a week ago we had some thundershowers pass through and we saw the BEST rainbow after the rain had passed. It was absolutely gorgeous, with the most vivid colors I've ever seen!! And there were actually two of them! The pictures don't do it justice, but here are the shots I snapped quick:

Our garage sale last week was pretty successful, even though we got rained out on Friday. But we've still got SO much much so that I've decided to open up again tomorrow and Thursday to try and get rid of some more junk! So hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Tomorrow is our 8th wedding anniversary and I'll be celebrating by myself sitting in the garage manning the "check out table". :) Chad's been in San Antonio since last Friday and will be back later on tomorrow evening. He's been down there attending a technology conference for school - sounds like he's having a great time and is learning a lot. But it'll be nice to have him home!!

Last Friday when the garage sale got rained out, I made a last minute decision (at 5pm) to head up to my parents place for the weekend. So I packed us all bags and we were on the road by 5:20pm. Can you say SPEED PACKING?? :) We had a fun weekend hanging out up in Wisconsin (besides the fact that the kids both wanted to sleep with
me since Daddy wasn't there - we all 3 ended up sleeping on a fold out futon - not exactly comfortable).

Getting ready for bed at Grandma & Papa Peterson's house

As of right now we don't have much planned for the 4th - Chad's sister Therese and her family invited us out to their cabin, so we'll probably head out there for a bit, but who knows. Hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!!


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