This past weekend we headed to Baker Park to camp with 4 other families from our small group at church. What a perfect weekend! Not only was the weather gorgeous, but there were NO bugs, plus all the kids slept great. Amazing. Friday afternoon we headed to the campground and set up everything. After dinner we all just hung out and enjoyed being in the great outdoors. We made s'mores and finally got the kids down shortly before 10pm.

Saturday our kids were up bright and early at 6am. Ouch! But they slept through the night and did a pretty good job keeping quiet until a few other people woke up. We definitely made the right choice signing up to do breakfast for everyone Saturday. By the time everyone was up we had our whole spread out on the picnic table for people to graze on. After we cleaned up our mess from breakfast we headed to the park there at the campground. Everyone brought their bikes, so we did a group bike ride on the bike trails over to the park. If you've never been to Baker you'll have to check it out some time - it's a GREAT park. There's plenty to do for all age groups. Most of the kids thought the zip lines were pretty great. We were so proud of Peyton - she did the zipline all by herself - we just ran along side her!! Our little dare devil Carson was definitely in his element on the zip line, too!

After we finished up at the park it was back to the camp site for lunch. Nap time was interesting because the sun was at just the right angle where our tree cover didn't do us much good and our tents were about 95 degrees inside with absolutely NO moving air. Ish. We ended up throwing the kids in the car and going for a ride...that qualified as "nap time". Once everyone was up from naps we headed to the lake to swim. The water felt SO good! It was fun to see the kids having such a great time swimming with all of their friends!

Our beach adventure lasted about a couple of hours, then we headed back to the campsite to get ready for dinner. After dinner the kids played for a while and we just hung around the campsite. Luckily the kids were in heaven playing in the gravel from the parking spot at our campsite, so they pretty much entertained themselves. Bedtime came a little earlier our second night there. The kids crashed about 9:30pm and I decided I'd better just stay put on the air mattress with them both because it would have been pretty much impossible for me to have gotten up with the two of them flopped on top of me asleep like they were. We all slept "late" on Sunday until 7:30am. It was wonderful!!

We had a big pancake & egg breakfast Sunday morning compliments of Jay (a.k.a. "Mr. I used to work at Perkins in high school") and Kari - it was yummy! Then the sad part of our trip began - packing up. Carson wasn't too happy to see the tent come down. He kept asking through his tears, "Mommy why you break it?". Peyton on the other hand kept saying, "Peyton's house, Peyton's house" and climbed up in her car seat waiting for us to leave. :) After we had everything packed up, we headed home and arrived just in time for naps. Perfect timing. Thanks for a great weekend everyone!!


PhilandTheresa said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun- sorry we had to miss it!!

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