Minnesota Zoo

A week ago Sunday (July 20th) we got a call right before church from our friends Adam & Abby. They asked if we were interested in going to the Minnesota Zoo after church...right during nap time. Hmmm...I was already at church because I was singing on the worship team, so Chad was at home trying to get the kids ready. He made an executive decision and said sure - what the heck! I have to say I was very impressed - he not only packed up everything we needed for the kids, but he also grabbed everything I needed to change after church. Great job honey! So after church we packed up into Adam & Abby's suburban and headed to the zoo...with a quick trip through the Wendy's drive through. Some of our other friends Phil & Theresa decided to join us, too, which was great! The kids had a blast and they did really well given what time we went. Probably the best part of our day was when we stopped to see the new Grizzly Bear exhibit. The bears just happened to be right up by the glass where we were standing and two of them jumped into the pond and started wrestling. They were like a couple of brother's wrestling around - Carson thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS!! Here are some pictures of our day at the zoo:

The bears fighting was definitely the highlight of Carson's day. That night at bedtime he was telling me the story of the 3 bears and he said in his high pitched little voice, "Baby bear, baby bear who's in my bed?", "No, no, don't bit me Papa Bear!!!". Then the next morning he was watching Barney in the car as we were driving to go grocery shopping. All of the sudden I hear him scream, "OH NO, MOMMY!!!". It caught me off guard that he was so worked up, but when I asked him what was wrong he told me, "Barney's biting the kids!". What a character!


PhilandTheresa said...

That was a super fun day- I am so glad we came!

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