The other morning I was making a phone call and I had to run down to the office to grab something quick. I had been up with the kids in the kitchen and ran down the stairs...they were out of my sight for a grand total of about 1 minute. As I was in the office I hear Peyton say to Carson, "Brother eat?"...then I heard crunching of a cereal bag and Carson saying to Peyton, "Peyton I still hungry". I thought to myself, "Uh oh" and ran upstairs. I got into the kitchen just in time to see Peyton attempting to pour Carson another bowl of cereal but instead missing the bowl completely and dumping the ENTIRE jumbo bag (from Sam's Club) of Captain Crunch Berries onto the floor. Doh! Carson immediately started saying to Peyton, "NO!!! NOT ON FLOOR!!!", then he told her "Peyton, you go get broom and weep it up NOW!". He just kept sitting there going, "Oh my gosh...a mess!" with both of his hands on his cheeks as if he just COULDN'T believe what had just happened. And then there was Peyton standing over the heap of cereal on the floor saying, "Oh no!" over and over. Well I was a bit annoyed at first by the situation, but then after we talked about how they need to let Mommy help them and they need to ask Mom before they get into things, I had to grab the camera off the counter and get a picture of it all. The looks on their faces are priceless! :) This'll be a good one for the 'ole high school graduation slide show!


Kris said...

Don't feel so bad, I moved a t-shirt off the couch to find a pile of cheerio's underneath, courtesy of Jake. That was his answer to cleaning it up, cover it with his pajamas. At least your kids felt bad and wanted to clean it up and their combined age is what, 2 years younger than Jake? Welcome to my sky...

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