We're Famous!

Today we had the privilege of riding on our church's float in the Hanover Parade for the Hanover Harvest Festival. It was yet another event the Libbys (a.k.a THE ORGANIZERS) coordinated along with our church office. :) We had several families from our small group/church help out with the parade. The kids had a blast - Peyton wasn't sure what to think of all the commotion on and around the float, so she decided she'd rather ride in our friend Adam's suburban (that was pulling the float) and watch a movie. She sat there with the window down waving to everyone - it was pretty cute! Carson decided to ride on the float with us, waving and throwing out candy to people with his friends Brice and Izzy (I think they actually ATE about 5 times as much as they handed out!!!).

Before the parade started Carson got to feed one of the horses from the float behind us and he thought he was pretty hot stuff!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the parade - can't wait for next year!!


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