Shhhhhh...It's a Secret!

Okay, this will be the true test to see if Mr. Libby ever reads our blog. I'm guessing not, but I could be wrong. So...I just scored us some tickets for the KTIS Faith & Family Twins game on Saturday, September 6th AND there's a Matthew West concert on the field afterwards. How fun!!! I've got babysitting all lined up (Thanks Grandma Julie!!) and figured we could have a fun "date day/night". We're sitting in the Home Run Porch near the foul pole (section 141, row 29), so keep an eye out for us as they show the Twins crushing home runs as they whomp the Detroit Tigers.


Sarah said...

SHUT UP!!! That's so very cool!

Anonymous said...

I'll come say hi, as I plan to be working that day - I usher for the Twins!

Rachel Skulstad

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