This Sunday was NOT a day of rest ...

Well, you could tell today was "the last day of summer" for Mr. Libby the 4th grade teacher. He was a chore-maniac all day long...and he expected everyone else to be ready and willing to help out with anything on his list. Yep. Let's just say there were a few "disagreements". But in the end we got a lot done. So it was a success. Apparently. of the chores today was washing and vacuuming out the cars. All summer long I've heard how filthy our cars are and how desperately they needed a good cleaning. For those of you who know Chad I'm sure you can just imagine how "disgusting" our cars were. In my opinion they were fine. Could have used a little vacuuming, but other than that - not a big deal. It took a lot of convincing, but I was finally able to pull Peyton away from watching "The Wiggles" (because Carson was napping so we were "being quiet") to come out and help with the day-long event at Libby's Detail Shop. The second she saw that there was water involved she was IN! It was hilarious to watch her - first she just wanted to hold the hose, but then she kept putting it up on top of her head with the nozzle spraying out. Chad was getting a little irritated with her because she kept walking around the car spraying it down again after it'd already been dried off. NO WATER SPOTS ALLOWED ON THE CARS!!!

When Carson woke up from his nap he was SO thrilled to help out. I secretly thought to myself, "Thank God - now Chad'll have a buddy to help with this dreadful task for the next 16 years". Carson was a great helper as always, but was also pretty fascinated with the hose. Him and Peyton kept wrestling around trying to get it away from each other and finally Carson ended up "winning" after he told her, "Peyton, I have it or you sit in time out - those are you choices". Hmmm...wonder where he got the "...or you sit in time out - those are your choices" part from. Peyton left the hose and happily went off to play with her new ESPN t-ball set (That's my girl!).

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend ... and that you got some "rest" today. :-)


Sarah said...

Whatever. It was all a ploy just to get to wear the boots, wasn't it?

PhilandTheresa said...

You can come wash our car anytime- we won't even complain if there are water spots on them!

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