Wordless Wednesday - The First Snow

This past weekend we had our first snowfall. It wasn't much, but the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever! They had a blast making snowballs and throwing them at each other. I'm thinking this winter will be a fun one now that they're old enough to actually stand up in their snow gear!! :)


Simply AnonyMom said...

Wonderful snow pics! THey look like they are having so much fun!

Tena said...

look at their faces, they must have had so much fun!!

Haasiegirl said...

snow is about my LEAST favorite thing ever.

Btw, come join our blog party today!! lots o prizes and fun! And i dont want to feel like a complete doo-dah for no one playing, so its an added benefit of me begging you.


Becky said...

Glad to see Carson is finally in his blue hat (not the pink one of Peyton's)! It was pretty funny when he wanted only that one last year. Looks like they had a blast! I told him hopefully we will have snow at Grandma and Grandpa's at Thanksgiving. Love you, Grandma P.

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