Who Knew

...that a weekend stuck at home could be so fun??? Last week Chad was off on Friday so we had a nice long weekend at home. I was a little worried how it'd go with all of us spending a solid three days together at home with no real "plans". Surprisingly it was a great weekend. The kids found some of the oddest ways to entertain themselves...it was really pretty hilarious.

First of all, they decided that walking around with ice cream buckets on their heads was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL. They wandered all over our main level holding hands and bumping into furniture. Then Carson decided he's "help" Peyton so she didn't run into things...he held her hand and lead her all over the place making sure she didn't crash into anything. Once they got sick of that, they switched to sticking the buckets on their feet and "walking" around in them. We had some good laughs watching them.

Their next adventure was playing on the top bunk in Carson's room. For those of you who haven't been to our house (or who haven't seen Carson's room since we turned it into a "big boy" room), he's got bunk beds and the kids are constantly begging to go up on the top bunk. The ladder mysteriously went missing as soon as the bunk beds were set up (thanks for hiding it in the storage room, Daddy!!). Anyway, we were doing some dusting and the kids saw Chad climb up on the top bunk to dust off the ceiling fan. After they saw that, there was no going back!! They seriously played up there for over an hour. When it was time to end the top-bunk party, we had some VERY upset munchkins. I had to promise them that they could play up there again very soon.

We wrapped up the weekend by making cookies. The kids got to help use the mixer, then drop cookie dough on the cookie sheets, and lick the beaters of course!! Peyton has always been in awe of anything cooking in the oven, so she sat there for the ENTIRE 9 minutes while they baked. She's so funny!! Obviously the kids favorite part was EATING the cookies once they cooled off.

So, that about does it folks...our long weekend at home. Oh, wait - I lied. We did do one thing outside of the house (besides play in the snow, which you saw pix from in my last post). We bought a new (used) mini-van on Saturday - woohoo!! RIP 1998 Chrystler Town & Country...hope you find a new owner who takes good care of you like we did!! We're now sporting a 2008 Toyota Sienna, and lovin' it!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

P.S. Check out the vest Carson's wearing in the pictures...that's Chad's Snoopy vest from when he was little. Carson thinks it's THE coolest thing ever and wants to wear it over top of everything. HILARIOUS!!!


Kris said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend. Great pictures, they are getting so big!

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