Time to Decorate!!!

Yesterday we decided to skip church and hang out at home. Both Carson and I haven't been feeling the greatest, so we figured rather than exposing others to our colds we'd just have a nice quiet family day at home decorating for Christmas. It turned out to be a really fun day! We had actually already put our tree up the day before because we'd scored a GORGEOUS 9 ft.+ tree for $20 on our way home from Wisconsin. In years past we've always done your standard size tree and we've put in in our front window. I wanted to try something different this year since we have vaulted ceilings...I've always wanted a HUGE tree!! The kids thought it was pretty cool to have a REAL tree in our house. Carson kept asking, "Mom, are we gonna keep this tree?". And Peyton kept running over to it touching the branches and saying, "Tree in Peyton's house! Oh no!!". They're funny!

As we started decorating the tree the kids were pretty excited because I have a special box for each of them that I've been collecting ornaments in. They were especially thrilled to find their ornaments from last year that had pictures of them when they were "babies". Of course they wanted to touch all the breakable ornaments, so we had a bit of juggling going on between Chad and I, grabbing ornaments from them and trying to hang them on a branch high enough so they couldn't reach them. But they had fun, so that's all that matters. After we had the lights and ornaments on the kids got to help put on some tinsel. Carson told me, "Mama, I like this shiny string!" and Peyton thought it was dental floss, so she had a couple of pieces stuck in her teeth. Nice, huh? Wish I could've gotten a picture of that!

After the kids woke up from their naps they took some time to wander around and see what else we'd put up/out while they'd been asleep. They were intrigued by the stockings hanging from the fireplace. Peyton kept saying "Socks on?" and Carson wasn't sure what to think. So we had a talk about how when it's Jesus' birthday then their stockings will have presents in them. Carson's response was, "Hooray for baby Jesus' birthday!!!". And Peyton's was "Brice's birthday next" (their friend Brice's birthday is Christmas day). So they should be pretty excited to finally get to look in their stockings!!

We spent the rest of the day decorating all around the house and we're officially all decorated!! Chad even put lights on the outside of the house, so we're all set! Now to wrap presents...my favorite part. Probably sounds weird, but I love it!! Hope you're all having fun decorating and gearing up for the celebration of our Saviour's birth!! Enjoy the pictures!


Jo said...

Beautiful tree...love it! Sounds like it was a nice, relaxing, and restful day for the fam.

PhilandTheresa said...

It sounds like all that was missing was you guys sitting back with a cup of coffee- glad you had a nice day!!

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