New Furniture = EXCITEMENT!!!

Okay, so Chad got a call from a friend saying he's heard a local furniture store was having a HUGE 50% off everything sale. The guys headed up to the store and I told Chad to check out a couple of different end tables I'd seen on their website. We've desperately needed end tables to replace our pathetic set in our living room that we pieced together in our first apartment after we got married almost 9 years ago. We'd found a corner end table for $3 at an estate sale while up visiting my parents and then miraculously I found a matching one at the Goodwill for $5. So our existing end tables cost us a whopping $8 for the set. Back to my story...Chad calls to tell me pricing on some end tables I LOVED. He says, "Well, they were a bit more than what you probably had in mind". Apparently I have EXTREMELY expensive taste when it comes to end tables...the things were FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS a piece. Hyperventilate. Cough. Wheeze. Ouch. Obviously those were not even a remote option unless we'd want to live in a homeless shelter with our new fabulous end tables, so we headed up to the Ashley Furniture store at the outlet mall in Albertville. Much more up our alley! We were able to find end tables that both Chad and I love, AND we found a nice little dinette set for our kitchen that has matching bar stools (they're the same as the dinette set chairs, only a little higher) that we ended up getting for our island (the bar stools we have are on their way out thanks to a certain 2 yr. old's obsession with picking at the wicker tops). So, in 10-14 business days we'll be the proud owners of:


Margot said...

Those tables are beautiful. We recently got new furniture and I know how exciting it can be.

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