Bargain of the Day

Wow. So yesterday I got a call from my friend Abby who said one of her friends had called and said that a few of the stores at the Outlets at Albertville were having big sales. I figured I'd venture up there because I needed to get Peyton some sandals for our trip to Florida. Whoa nelly, did I score BIG TIME at the Crocs store.

I got these for Peyton for $9.99 (normally $29.99):

And then my blowout bargain of the day were these for Carson - for $2.99!!! (They're listed as $24.99 on the Crocs website):

Can you even believe it? So two pairs of Crocs for $12.99. Not too shabby.


Kati said...

Awesome! I am going to check that out!

Thompson's said...

That is nuts....doesn't that show what the mark up on this stuff is? NUTS. Way to go bargain hunter!!!

Colleen said...

Love your site! I am going to email you an invite to a great new networking site called sassymamas! Hope you'll join me there. :)

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