The Birthday Bash

Well Thursday we took Carson to his favorite place on the planet for his birthday - Chuck E. Cheese. Both of the kids LOVE that place and it's actually getting a lot easier to take them there now that they're able to do a lot of the games themselves. So we played some games, ate pizza and drank POP - Carson's latest obsession!!! I'm wondering how old Carson will be when he finally realizes that the mechanical dancing Chuck E. isn't real...he kept screaming at it "Chuck E., Chuck E. I wanna give you FIVE!!!" and was getting mad because Chuck E. just kept dancing. Hilarious.

After we got home we let Carson open his presents. It was fun to watch him as he was so much more excited & animated this year! The Cars scooter was a big hit - thank you Target clearance!!!

Then last Saturday we had Carson's birthday party with 9 of his little friends. I was a bit concerned how it'd go since it was a "drop off your kid" party, but I was pleasantly surprised. My friend, Kelly, stayed and helped, which was GREAT (thanks, Kel!!). All the kids were very well behaved and everything went great with the exception of the present opening at the very end. Carson had a whole mob of kids surrounding him yelling, "Open my gift!!!! I GOT YOU A TRUCK!!!!" as they shoved their presents in his face. I guess the excitement was just too much to handle. It was actually a bit amusing to watch. We ended the party attemping a group shot of the kids (minus Colin who had to leave early)...that didn't work out so well until I told them all to make a funny face - then most of them paid attention! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us!! Carson had a great time with you all!


PhilandTheresa said...

looks like a serious party- what could be better than chuck e cheese?

VanHoorik's Zoo said...

Now I see why this party had you a little stressed. Did you know all those kids would be there;)

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