Wordless Wednesday - The 'Lil Hiding Spot

I stumbled across this picture from 2006 and it made me laugh. I'd forgotten about how Peyton loved to climb in the big storage cupboard under in our entertainment center. I'd come downstairs and couldn't figure out where she was. Then I'd hear her saying one of the few words she had at that time, "Boo!". What a little cutie!!


Kati said...

It's cute! It reminds me of A Christmas Story.. yes.. it is an obsession!!

Hopping over from MomDot. Nice to meet you!

The Mud Bug said...

So cute! All my little ones love climbing in our cabinets.


Amber said...

So this is where the Libby's send their cuties for time out...just kidding! Not a bad idea though! ;)


Shannon said...

That's adorable. I think my son would do that too if ours didn't have junk in it. She's a beauty.

PhilandTheresa said...

just like Phil!

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