He's 3!!!

I can't believe it, but my baby boy is already THREE!!! Boy, does that make me feel old...and as if time is flying by WAY too fast!

Three years ago almost to the minute I was sitting in the car as Chad drove us over to the hospital for my induction. We had just left our house and said goodbye to Peyton who wasn't quite sure what was going on other than the fact that Grandpa & Grandma Peterson were staying with her. I remember feeling very anxious wondering how everything would go, trying not to dwell on how things had gone with Peyton's delivery. We both sat quietly the whole ride, probably both thinking about the same things, and as we turned off of Hwy. 10 and were almost to the hospital the song "How Great Is Our God" came on the radio. I just started balling. Then Chad started. We both had ourselves a good cry and talked a bit and then prayed together before we got out of the car and headed in to the hospital. We both felt so much better and at peace about everything, and things went wonderfully. By 3:22pm we had our beautiful, healthy baby boy in our arms!! To this day I ball like a baby everytime I hear "How Great Is Our God" because I think back to the day Carson was born and just how GREAT our God is.

Carson, I hope you have a super birthday!! Daddy and I are so proud of you and so thankful for the wonderful young man you're becoming. We love you!! Happy birthday, buddy!!


Kris said...

You feel old? I have a 12 year old. Talk to me in a about 7 years when Peyton is this age. I thought kids were supposed to keep us young!

Katie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARSON!! We'll call you later today!!

Thompson's said...

Wow...it never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes!

Kelly said...

We had a great time at your party on Saturday Carson! I still remember the day you were born and holding you in the hospital on top of my big tummy as Colin kicked away at you and chose not to make an appearance for 4 more weeks! We love being able to watch you grow up and we all know the craziness you and Colin will create in a few years when you are running around the hood.

PhilandTheresa said...

Wow- isn't it crazy how fast time goes? I love the story about how great is our God!!

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