Wordless Wednesday - Online Dating at 4

Well it's official - Peyton is online dating at age 4. Her "boyfriend", Carter, from preschool got a web cam and so they've been Skyping. Now I catch Peyton in the office all the time sitting at the computer saying, "Carter, I call you!" as she's scrolling through everything on the computer in search of the Skype icon. Slightly annoying because she's renamed several of my files, but ya can't help but love the precious little bond between these two sweeties!


Shasta said...

Oh my, that is too cute!!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Aw, how sweet!

The Mud Bug said...

Too cute!


Tena said...

awwww sweet puppy love!!!
Adorable picture and story


Anonymous said...

What a cute story! As a Skype PR representative, I would love to speak with you about your daughter's usage of Skype. We're always looking to show consumers how easy it is, and while I'm sure you're daughter is very sharp, the fact that a child can Skype on her own says a lot! When you have a moment, please feel free to email me at skype@kaplowpr.com.


The Stepecs said...

Jack and my brother Nels are into skyping each other. It's kind of like a virtual babysitter!

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