Florida: Day 3

So much to do, so little time!! Today (3.27.09) we started out the day by going out to feed the ducks by the pond outside of Grandpa & Grandma's Florida house. Carson kept chasing all the various birds, yelling "STOP! I've got food for you!!!". He didn't quite understand that they were scared of him. Next we headed down to Hammond Stadium to watch the Twins warm up before the game. They've got an amazing play area there out in the middle of the practice fields - it's covered with a canopy and everything! While we were playing, Carson saw some firetrucks pull up into the parking lot. He kept asking if we could go look at them, so I finally gave in. As he and I walked over to the trucks, one of the firemen yelled "Wanna sit in the truck little buddy?". So we walked right up to the trucks and one of the firemen hopped out of the passenger side and stuck Carson up in the truck. He had the BIGGEST grin on his face!! Then the driver told me to hop up in there with him and they'd give us a ride. So we got a ride in a REAL firetruck around the stadium at Spring Training - talk about a dream come true for Carson!! I didn't mind it myself, either. :)

While Carson and I were riding around in our firetruck, Peyton and Grandma Julie were still busy playing at the playground while Daddy and Papa Jim were off getting autographs. Once we finished up at the stadium we grabbed a bite to eat and headed home for naps. The kids both took much needed naps and then we had a scrumptious ham dinner that Grandma Julie made us. After dinner we headed to the Shell Factory where the kids got to pick out a few special shells to take home with them. Then we headed outside to feed the ducks and once it got dark we got to see the Waltzing Waters light show. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was actually really cool! I'm not sure what the kids enjoyed more - the light show or putting on a show dancing to the music down in front of the bleachers for everyone. Another action-packed day!!


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