Florida: Day 4

Today we decided to check out a new water park that just opened a few miles away in Cape Coral. It was SO much fun!!! There were a lot of things for younger kids to do, and then Mr. No Fear Carson decided the kiddie areas were too boring for him and wanted to go on some of the biggest slides there - The Electric Slide & Power Surge. So I made the trek up to the top of this humongous platform carrying a double tube and helping Carson up all the stairs. As we left the top platform Carson giggle his little head off the WHOLE way down. The second our tube came shooting out at the bottom he was yelling "LET'S GO AGAIN!!!". So not only will I have a tan when I get home, I'll have calves of STEEL from climbing up 5,000 stairs about 10 times today.

We ended up not staying super long at the water park because Peyton broke out in a weird rash - not sure if it was from the heat or if her skin didn't respond well to the sunscreen, but we figured we better get her home and into the bath to soak before she got worse. But we got in a little over 3 hours of waterpark fun!! Both kids zonked out in the car on the way home - perfect! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing at Grandma & Papa's place. We went to a fun 50s Diner for dinner and headed home to get the kids in bed at a decent hour.

Tomorrow there's a chance of rain in the morning, then Chad and I are headed to the Twins game - hopefully the rain is done by then!!


Amber said...

Ahem...I BELIEVE that you FORGOT me? Hmm??? I thought we had an arrangment!? LOL

Hope you're having a blast in that blasted Florida sun. I am WAYY jealous! Hi to Chad!

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