This week at preschool Peyton's teacher started something new - sending home "homework backpacks" with little activities to do. Peyton thought the fact she had homework was SO COOL!! She came home, ripped in to her backpack and told me "Need to do my homework!". Each night this week she's come home wanting to "do her homework" and last night she was able to work with Daddy on her homework. They were learning about different types of patterns and she did really well with it! Both Chad and I were impressed with how long she sat there and worked. Carson sat in, of course, and loved it as well. As a reward for doing such a great job on her homework, we made chocolate chips cookies once all the homework was done...and Peyton even wanted to help use the mixer (which up to this point she's been a bit scared of). Fun times in Libbyland!!


Amber M said...

YEEHAW for homework! Did I just say that? I miss it too, Peyton! :)

Hope everyone in Libbyland is feeling much better! Miss you guys!

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