Well, last Thursday was Peyton's graduation party from RiteCare Language Clinic. It's hard to believe we've been there for TWO years already. Wow, time sure does fly!! I cannot even believe the progress Peyton has made since we started there. The first time we went for a session, Andrea - the therapist we started with, could hardly get Peyton to produce ANY words at all. And the ones Peyton could say were VERY difficult to understand...even for us - her parents. Over time Peyton became more comfortable with being at RiteCare and came to really enjoy her visits. We were sad to see Andrea leave, but couldn't have asked for a better replacement - Kristy. It's been SO amazing to see how God has placed the PERFECT people in Peyton's life to work with her. Kristy has been wonderful for Peyton. She knows how to get Peyton to work and has a gentle firmness about her that is exactly what Peyton needs. So, without further ado, here are some pictures of Peyton's last day at RiteCare...with her buddy, Otis, too. Thank you so much Andrea & Kristy (and all the other therapists/teachers/paras who have helped Peyton)!!!


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