Did you REALLY just ask me that question???

As the kids would say, "Three more sleeps" until vacation. Everyone's been asking, "Wow, what are you guys going to do for a whole week?". So I'd just like to address that question since inquiring minds want to know.

Hmmm, let me see...whatever shall I do with myself for a week in Mexico:

NOT get up multiple times in the night with my restless children who have lost their stuffed animal, have a wet pull-up, or need to go potty

NOT drive to and wait around for 4 therapy appointments

NOT get up 5+ times during a meal to get someone something...only to finally sit down to cold food and an empty table

NOT break up fights between my children numerous times a day

NOT barricade myself in my office so I can make a phone call to a client

NOT start my workday at 9:00pm

NOT ask "Who has to go potty?"

NOT frantically try to meet client's often unrealistic deadlines (But I DO love you, clients)

NOT do laundry

NOT rush out the door in a frenzy as we attempt to get to church on time

NOT cook

NOT clean (Disclaimer: Chad helps clean, so I can't completely complain about this one)

NOT wipe little behinds...or mouths & noses for that matter

NOT chase around a 4-year-old who somehow always seems to FORGET that he has to wear pajamas at bedtime, which usually ends in hysterics - you'd think I was torturing him

NOT get up at 6:00am because someone's hungry after not wanting to eat their dinner

NOT worry about what bills are due (Note to self: Make sure all bills are set up to be paid before we leave on Saturday)

NOT feed the dog, let her out & pick up her presents she's left us in the yard

NOT sort junk mail

NOT get out of the shower with only one leg shaved because crisis-intervention is needed

NOT feel disgusted & depressed about my horrendously messy office

NOT look at the clock every 10 seconds wondering where I'm supposed to be

NOT respond to email/facebook/text messages/voicemail

NOT feel married to my computer

NOT sing the same bedtime songs I have for the past 6 years

NOT read bedtime stories, namely Brown Bear, Brown Bear and any and all Dora The Explorer books

NOT grocery shop

NOT watch any kids shows or listen to kids music (Farewell Wiggles...for a week anyway)

NOT feel guilty that I don't have more time to keep up with friends & family (You all know I still love you, right??)

NOT eat hot dogs, corn dogs, macaroni & cheese, and peanut butter & jelly (THANK GOD!!! BRING ON THE REAL ADULT FOOD!!!)

NOT be on any sort of schedule

NOT sit in traffic on 94

NOT worry about wearing "kid friendly" clothes (I know what you're all thinking...that's not what I meant - we're talking sundresses, skirts, etc. that aren't usually real conducive to "kid outings")

NOT have to take Chad clothes at work due to a "wardrobe malfunction" (okay, okay, this only happened a few times)

NOT push kids on the swing at the park

NOT listen to someone complaining about what I made for dinner

NOT get interrupted every 2 seconds when I try to talk to Chad about something

NOT fish goodies & toys out from under the fridge or the stove for the kids

NOT run in a panic after Evel Knievel as he speeds away on his bike into an intersection

NOT chase kids around Target

NOT brush our wooly mammoth dog

NOT set up my "mobile office" at the park, therapy waiting room, ball park, etc.

NOT take phone calls from clients at all hours of the day & night (Again, I DO love you, clients)

NOT help Mr. Libby with any homework/school projects (proofing papers)

NOT skip meals because there simply isn't enough time in the day to make sure everyone else is taken care of

NOT say "You're going to lose privileges if you do that! It's your choice."

NOT try to find a babysitter

NOT feel like my husband is a complete stranger

Hopefully that gives you a little insight as to what our week will be like! :)

More than likely, getting away will make us both realize even more than usual just how blessed we are with the life God has given us! VIVA MEXICO!!!!!


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