A Whole New Level of "Sweetness"

After an action-packed 4th of July weekend, Carson came down with some sort of strange bug...probably from ingesting too much lake water, but who knows. We came back from Chad's sister & her husband's cabin Monday afternoon, then the kids spent most of Tuesday with Grandma & Papa Libby while I attempted to catch up on some work. That evening we had a highly nutritious meal of Dominoes pizza for dinner with Grandma & Papa. Carson didn't seem to be real hungry, but he was convinced to eat most of his pizza so he could have a popsicle for dessert. The rest of the evening he just lounged around and I didn't really think anything of it after our crazy weekend - I just figured he was tired. Well he zonked out on the bed at Grandma's house while watching TV, and as I scooped him up to take him home I noticed he felt really warm. We took him home and I brought him right up in to the bathroom to take his temperature. He was sitting on the counter and, of course, Peyton wanted to be right in the middle of all the action, so she chose the toilet in THAT bathroom to use as she got ready for bed. So imagine this - Carson on the counter top, myself digging in the cupboard looking for the thermometer, and Peyton sitting on the throne yelling "Daddy, I'm done!" - then in walked Chad. You can probably guess what happened next. Yep, Carson projectile vomited all over everyone...and all over the entire bathroom. Yum. Pizza, popsicle and who knows what all over the 4 of us...and Peyton saying "Ewwwwwww! That's YUCKY!! GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!!". Chad and I devised a plan of attack for dealing with the disaster area and within a half hour everything was cleaned up, the kids were bathed and we had the good 'ol air mattress set up in our bedroom for Carson to sleep on. By this time he was so tired he crawled up in to bed and wanted the lights turned out. Peyton on the other hand was all wound up. She kept talking about Carson being sick and how it was "Yucky" when she was going potty and he got sick - she was completely flipped out. Chad was doing everything he could to get her to calm down, but to no avail. Then all of the sudden Peyton goes in to her bedroom and comes back holding a picture of her friend Carter. This picture is one that Carter and his Mom sent to Peyton last winter when she was sick - it's a picture of Carter holding a sign that says "I hope you feel better soon Peyton! Love, Carter". She absolutely ADORES this picture and I've actually had to print out several copies of it because she's worn the others out from carrying it around with her. Peyton took the picture and laid it on top of Carson's tummy and said "This will make you feel better - Carter says 'hope you feel better now'". It was all I could do to not burst in to tears watching her sweet little self so worried about her brother and offering her beloved picture to him so that he'd feel better. Chad and I stood there smiling at each other, both with tears in our eyes after witnessing such a genuine and heartfelt gesture. Peyton finally did settle down and Carson settled in for a good nights rest, too...with his picture of Carter holding his sign right next to him on the air mattress.


Thompson's said...

Great story...besides the vomit anyway;-) She is a little sweetie!

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