I often hear women talk about splurging on various things, whether it be buying a new purse, getting their nails done, getting a massage or just getting some new highlights put in their hair. Those seem like fairly typical things that a lot of women do to pamper themselves. Then there's me. Much to my husband's dismay, I don't often see the need for those luxuries (yes, I just called them luxuries)...instead, I love nothing more than getting a new funky t-shirt. Yep. Call me strange, but it's true - I'd rather have a fun new t-shirt than a new Coach purse or an hour massage. Let's face it people, I spend the majority of my days in my basement office...in a t-shirt and jeans. Today I'm sportin' the "Green Eggs and Ham" gem I scored at Target on clearance for $2.48. And last Friday I had the privilege of wearing my Kermit the Frog "Awesome Meter" t-shirt (which I splurged on...for a whopping $3.74). Back before Christmas I was thrift store shopping with my friend Stacey when we stumbled on a vintage "Chillin' with my Gnomies" shirt in the CLEARANCE section for $0.50 - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!! One of my all-time favorites is my black Muppets "Animal" shirt...that embarrasses my husband. Sorry, dear. But from the first time we met, I've been this way. My first memory of meeting Chad was at a Halloween party where I was wearing my Mister Roger's "Welcome to my Hood" t-shirt (yes, the one Mr. Roger's sued over because the image had him holding a gun...c'mon, it was college!!!) That should've been his first clue. Chad, on the other hand, was the exact OPPOSITE of me - struttin' his stuff in Girbaud jeans and Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt. Wow, the memories. So here we are almost 12 years later and I still love me a funky t-shirt!! (Thankfully Chad's given up the Girbaud jeans and most of his Tommy clothes)

Seeing as how my birthday is just a few short months away, I'd like to throw out a few birthday present ideas for all of you who are DYING to get me a present that is EXACTLY what I've always wanted...another t-shirt. Check these bad boyz out...they're just a few I'd like to add to my repertoire:


Heather said...

Your funny, I will keep my eye out and see if I cant find an "Aimee" tshirt? Maybe a matching one for the spouse!! HA!!

The Stepecs said...

Love it! That's what I remember about you in college....all the fun shirts! Remember when we both had Army shirts that we changed to say Amy? We were so funny....and still are!

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