Special Dinner Guests

Over the past few months I've really enjoyed overhearing some of the conversations the kids have had now that Peyton is becoming more and more able to express herself verbally. Last night Chad had a study group he was a part of so for dinner it was just the kids and I. The kids had asked for mac 'n cheese for dinner (shocking, I know), so I got started on making that while unloading the dishwasher and picking up the kitchen a bit. The kids were in the other room playing cars together. Their conversation cracked me up...

(FYI – All the "Agent" talk is due to Carson's love of the show Phineas & Ferb where their pet platypus, Perry, is a secret agent - they call him "Agent P")

Carson: Peyton, let's pretend this car is Dad and we'll call him "Agent D". This car is Mom and we'll call her "Agent M". This car is Jesus so we'll call him "Agent J".

Peyton: Then this car be God - call him "Agent G"

Carson: Okay, let's pretend Jesus is going to Wisconsin to visit Grandma Becky. "Hi Grandma Becky, it's 'Agent J' and I came to visit you. Whatcha doin'?"

Peyton: Agent G going to Grandma Becky's, too!

Carson: Okay, now Agent J and Mom are going to visit Matea in Duluth. "Hey, what are you guys doing - this is Agent J and we want some ice cream!"

Peyton: Agent D have class tonight - he no have dinner. Maybe later. Carson, God wants ice cream, too.

Carson: Peyton, no, that's Agent G, not God. "Hey guys, is there enough ice cream for Agent G, too? He's hungry".

Peyton: How bout Agent G likes Boots (our dog)? Wanna have ice cream, too, Boots? Boots say yes.

Carson: Agent J said he's still hungry.

I had to interrupt the kids play time to call them to come and get ready for dinner. I asked the kids to be helpers and get silverware out for us. As I was dishing up mac 'n cheese I saw the kids getting the silverware and Peyton grabbed cups out of the cupboard and they both went over to the table. As I turned to put the plates on the table I noticed the kids had put silverware and a cup out for 4 of us. So I said to them, "Oh, guys, Dad's not going to be here for dinner". Carson says, "Mom, don't you know God is standing right next to you because he's always with us.". And Peyton pipes up, "This cup is for Agent J - he wants macaroni, too." Oh boy. So, we had dinner last night with "Agent J" sitting in Chad's spot. Throughout the meal Peyton kept saying "Keep eating, Agent J, no have a treat if you don't eat" and "Good job eating - you like it?". Their pretend play with "Agent J" and "Agent G" went on for about 45 minutes after dinner and I couldn't help but smile listening to them. I love the fact that even in seemingly silly situations like this, they've got an understanding that God is always with us no matter what ... even if it's as our dinner guest for a gourmet dinner of Kraft mac 'n cheese!


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