Dog Sitting

We decided to help some friends out and watch their dog while they went out of town for an unexpected funeral. The kids are familiar with the dog because we spend a lot of time at our friends house...not only because we're good friends, but also because our kids are the exact same ages. Anyway, the kids are going ABSOLUTELY BONKERS with the dog. From the time Indy got here yesterday afternoon until I was finally able to get the kids to go to bed they were running around chasing the dog and laughing hysterically. Peyton was trying to give the dog some of her dinner and Carson thought it was the FUNNIEST thing ever when Indy ate the left over crumbs out of his high chair. Carson was up in the night crying and saying "woof, woof" because he wanted to see the dog...we didn't think having a dog come visit would complicate Carson's sleeping issues even more. YIKES! At least Indy is only here for one night, though.

This morning it was quite the adventure trying to get the kids out the door to go to daycare. Peyton kept leading Indy around by his collar and trying to take him out the door with her. I ended up throwing the kids in the wagon and bringing Indy along to daycare since I only had to go 7 houses down to the daycare lady's house. Both kids cried when I left...not because I was leaving, but because I was taking the dog with me. : ) I'm sure they'll both be in heaven when I get them this afternoon and they see the dog is still here!


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