Trip to Frederic over MEA

Sorry I'm just now getting to posting this – Better late than never, right?!

Over MEA we headed up to visit Grandma and Papa Peterson. The weather was beautiful on Saturday and Papa decided it was time to get the yard cleaned up. At first Peyton & Carson watched out the window...but that didn't last for long. Carson started crying as he watched Papa raking, saying "I do! I do!". So I figured what the what if the leaves are a little wet and yucky from the past 3 weeks straight of rain...that's what washing machines are for! (Chad didn't share my opinion on this at first, but the head laundry maid won!) So outside we went.

The kids have never really seen large amounts of leaves because our neighborhood is a fairly new development with a few trees here and there. They were in awe of how many leaves there were in the yard. Papa was raking up a big pile for them to play in and the kids thought they had died and gone to heaven. Between all the leaves and the ladybugs that were everywhere (check out the picture of Carson looking at the bug on Papa's arm!) they were having the time of their lives. Carson decided that acorns were "bugs", so he was busy picking up all the "bugs". Peyton was enjoying playing in the pile that Papa had raked onto a tarp to drag out to the woods. She thought she was pretty hot stuff when she got to ride on the tarp out to the woods. Carson on the other hand got pretty upset that he couldn't use Papa's rake. Luckily Grandma came to the rescue with a little rake just Carson's size. He was such a good "helper"...maybe next year we can convince him the leaves are supposed to stay ON the tarp. :) Oh well. We had a great weekend visiting and hope to make it back up to Frederic very soon. Thanks for a fun weekend Grandma & Papa!!


VanHoorik's Zoo said...

They are both getting so big. Happy Halloween!

Katie said...

I'm glad you prevailed on the kids going outside to play! Looks like they had fun!

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