Happy Halloween!

As much as I really don't like Halloween, it is pretty fun to see the kids dressed up in their cute little costumes. This year Peyton was Tigger (thanks to a garage sale costume that Chad found for a SUPER bargain price of $3!!!), and Carson got a hand-me-down from Peyton, so he was a chicken. I figured I had better try their costumes on a little early just to make sure they didn't freak out in them, so last week I pulled them out and we had a "trial run" one evening. Ever since then, Peyton has gotten up each morning and brought me her costume when I've asked her what she wants to wear to school. Hmmm...well, I guess I should be glad she likes it! Carson wasn't quite as thrilled about his costume, but he does love taking it off because it's got a bit strip of velcro down the front that he's fascinated with.

Anyway, I snapped a quick picture of the kids before it got dark as they sat on the front step with their pumpkins that we carved last night. We went up to a little party at St. Michael Elementary where the kids got to play games and win prizes, then we came home and ate dinner quick before heading across the street to Colin's house so the kids could go trick-or-treating with their favorite buddy. Thankfully the wind died down, so it didn't feel as cold as we thought it would as we started walking around to a few of the neighbor's houses. Each house we went to Peyton thought she could just walk right on in, and the highlight of the evening for her definitely was seeing our neighbor's dog, Bailey. She really wasn't all that interested in the candy people were handing her – she'd just turn around and hand it over to me. Carson was in awe of the fire truck that was driving around the neighborhood distributing glow sticks. He kept looking down at the glow stick around his neck and giggling, saying, "light!".

Once we got home the kids were able to hand out candy to a few older kids who were still wandering around the neighborhood. Carson thought he was SO funny – he has this little mask that he made at daycare and everytime someone would come to the door he'd run over, hold up his mask and say "BOOOO!!!!", then giggle and run away. Little fart!


Jo said...

Sounds like the kids had plenty of fun last night! Cute costumes...they look like they were probably warm enough for wandering around the neighborhood!

Katie said...

Cute picture of the kids! It would have been fun to see them trick-or-treating!

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