Good Friday Fun

We decided this year that the Good Friday service at church was just not going to work. It didn't start until 7pm and there was no childcare available. We all know what that means...royal meltdowns in church, therefore we decided to stay home and start packing for Florida.

For the past couple of weeks we've briefly mentioned the whole idea of "going to Florida on a plane" to the kids, but we haven't really gone into much detail since the kids obviously don't have any concept of time. Now that we're just a few days away from going, though, we've been talking more and more about it. I think they finally started to "get it" once I pulled out the suitcases and we started trying on summer clothes to see which ones fit so we would pack them. We spent Friday evening packing up our stuff and the kids had a blast. Carson was our little fashion model who couldn't get enough of trying on much so that by the end of the night he was trying on PEYTON'S clothes. He is SO his father's child.

After I was able to wrestle him back into his pajamas, Carson helped me pack up the clothes we determined were "keepers" for our trip...after he tried zipping himself in the suitcase to "go to Florida". :-) Both of the kids were big helpers bringing over for me to pack (and unfolding, of course) the piles of clothes from the couch. Then Mr. Smarty pants made an astounding discover – "Mommy, I see seatbelt in suitcase!!!" He saw the little straps that hold your clothes in place and decided that they were seatbelts. Makes sense...we've been talking to him about how he gets his own seat on the plane and he gets his very own seat belt, too!

Here's a picture of him as he climbed in to investigate the "seatbelt" (check out that mischievous look on his face!!):

And here's a picture of both kids in the suitcase as Carson "calls Grandma" with the digital ear thermometer:

At bedtime we had a near disaster. Carson went into hysterics because he thought we were going to Florida without him after he went to bed. Poor little guy. He was just crying and crying saying, "NO! I go Florida with you!!!" We finally convinced him that we were all going to bed and that we'd take him with to Florida. Should be an interesting trip!!!


PhilandTheresa said...

Does Chad like to try on girls clothes too? (Carson was trying on Peytons clothes- he is so his fathers child...) hehe

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