Florida: Day 4

We started out the day by having to finally wake Mr. Sleepyhead up at 8am so we could go to the "coffee & donut" social time over at the Clubhouse. Peyton still was up a few times in the night, but Carson was sawing logs for 11+ hours.

After we finished up visiting with all the snowbirds we came back to the condo and got on our swim suits. The kids were SOOOO excited to go swimming. Yesterday when we went, Peyton was real hesitant in the pool and mostly just wanted to sit on the steps and watch. Today she was the same way at first, but then all of the sudden she decided she wasn't afraid and wandered out into the water and even started counting to three and then going under water. She was so proud of herself! Then she saw Carson jumping off the side of the pool into Chad's arms and decided she wanted to try. So now we have TWO daredevils in the water!!

It was like pulling teeth, but we finally managed to get the kids out of the pool and back to the condo for lunch. Once we'd stuffed them full of lunch, we put the kids down for naps. Amazingly both of them crashed pretty easily...thanks to a busy morning of swimming. While they slept Chad and I lounged in the pool for about an hour and a half. When the kids woke up we packed everyone up and went to the outlet mall nearby in search of new tennis shoes for the kids. We lucked out and found exactly what we were looking for at the first store.

Tonight was our night we'd planned to do a nice dinner out to eat with all of us, so we went to Outback Steakhouse. We were celebrating Chad & Carson's birthdays so there was ice cream involved. When the waitress came walking over with the bowl of ice cream with a candle in it Carson FLIPPED out! He started screaming, "I blow it out! I blow it out!" So Chad counted to 3 after the waitstaff finished singing Happy Birthday and both of the kids helped blow out the candle. They thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream!

When we got back to the condo we decided to go out side to blow bubbles and then we went over to the pond to feed the ducks, turtles and fish off of the bridge. Talk about excitement! Carson thinks that is just the greatest thing ever! He was all worked up when he ran out of bread chunks and kept saying he was going "back to Grandma's" for more bread. I was finally able to convince him that the ducks were
full, so then he kept running along the bridge following the ducks asking them if they had "full tummies". Oh, and he also made sure to tell the ducks to "be nice to turtle" because the ducks kept snatching the bread chunks out of the turtles mouth. He's always looking out for the underdog!

Tomorrow we're planning to head down to the Naples Zoo. Should be fun...I'm sure the kids will love it! Hopefully we'll have some fun pictures to post!!!


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