Florida: Day 6

Today was another day at the beach. We tried a new beach today – Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs, and we LOVED it! (Thanks for the recommendation Ben & Teri!) The kids had a blast once again. We showed them that they could walk out past their knees and they thought it was great. So we spent quite a bit of time out a little deeper swimming around with the kids. We even saw a dolphin who swam up pretty close to us when a group of them came in shallow to feed. Miraculously we made it a whopping three and a half hours at the beach!! (Check out Carson showing off his star fish he found in the first picture)

After the beach we stopped by the world renowned ice cream shop (okay, so maybe it's not world renowned, but apparently people drive all the way from Miami for their ice cream) – The Royal Scoop. Yummy! Carson had zonked out before we were even out of the parking lot from the beach, so he missed out. Here's what he was doing while we were scarfing down ice cream:

For dinner this evening we headed out to the Shrimp Shack. Might sound kind of shady, but it was actually a great place. We left with full bellies and tired babies. :) Both kids went down pretty quickly at bedtime tonight.

Tomorrow Chad and his Dad are going golfing at Copperhead Country Club with some of the other "senior citizens" from the Admiralty Yacht Club where Chad's parents are staying. From the stories Chad's dad has been telling about these old guys and their memory problems, Chad should have some good stories to replace some of the ones he's been telling over and over for the past ten years. Hahaha! Seriously, though, it should be a fun day for them. I think Chad's mom and I are going to take the kids back to the beach one last time since the kids love it so much (and we do to!). Then we'll head back to snowy Minnesota Wednesday morning. Carson asked tonight, "I go my house, Mommy?", so I think he's starting to get homesick...just a little. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed (without the whole family sharing a bedroom), but I'm not looking forward to the snow. Oh well...more tomorrow!

***One other thing I've been meaning to write about – since we got down here, Peyton has been talking up a storm!! I don't know if it's because she's so excited to see Grandma & Grandpa or if she's just in a big "learning phase" with her speech. She's saying a lot of two and three word phrases to tell us what she wants or to describe what people are doing (i.e. "Papa sleeping, quiet", "Mom buckle belt" (seat belt), "Go bye-bye Grandma", "More cereal", "Home Grandma's house", etc.). We've been SOOOO excited to see her finally able to communicate with words/word approximations that are becoming more and more intelligible! It'll be fun to get back and tell her speech therapists about her progress. Yay Peyton!!!


Sarah said...

Don't come home. It's yucky here. I'll let you know when the snow is gone. And when I figure out why I live here. Loved all the pix -- I feel a teeny bit like I got to go on vaca myself. Thanks!

Mike and Becky said...

Loved reading all about your fun in the sun in Florida! Loved all the pictures, too! Oh, and just so you know - it is supposed to be 55 on Thursday up here, so they are saying the snow will melt quickly! YIPPEE!!! It will definitely seem like a heat wave for us, huh? AND, I am SOOOOOO happy to hear about all the talking Peyton is doing now! How great is that? She is my special little girl and I miss her SOOOOOO much, so can't wait to see her and Carson (and you - my own baby girl!) soon! Love you, Mom P.

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