A New Do, A New Revelation ... all for $13.00

So, this evening I decided to treat myself to a much-needed haircut. The last time I decided to reward myself with a haircut from a local "trendy" salon (which I had a gift certificate AND a coupon for – yay me! It still cost me $34, though - ouch!), I ended up leaving severely annoyed at the 15-year-old-gum-snapping-hair-twirling-ditzy-ear-gouging-with-the-comb hair stylist I had. Basically, they should have been paying ME to sit there and get my hair cut. Tonight I set out with my logical/fiscally responsible hat on. Off to Cost Cutters I drove...heck, if you only pay $13 for a hair cut, you can't be too disappointed if it doesn't turn out how you wanted it to, right?

Well I am happy to report that I not only received a FABULOUS new haircut this evening, but I also had an incredible revelation (which I guess I always knew in the back of my mind) that spendy salons are completely overrated and dumb. Granted I've only been to one in my whole life, but they're ridiculous and certainly unnecessary – at least in my opinion. Keep in mind that as I entered Cost Cutters tonight my instructions to the lady consisted of, "I really don't care what you do with it...I'm just sick of it hanging in my face. Have fun!". Nevertheless, my amazing revelation is one that will undoubtedly save me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years as I avoid the trendy salons and head straight to Cost Cutters to visit my new favorite hairstylist, Kolleen.

One more thing...just to stress how pathetically cheap I am when it comes to paying to have my hair cut, as I stood at the register tonight getting ready to pay I said, "CRAP! I had a coupon for an $8.99 haircut! Dangit!". Go ahead, say it ... PATHETIC!!!

This is what my $13.00 bought me:

Now tomorrow comes the real challenge – trying to replicate the way the hairstylist did my hair after she cut it...wish me luck!


Mike and Becky said...

Love your new do, Aim! Cute! I know it will be easy to keep up. Just get out the wax and voila! I know I love my new one, but am also long overdue for a haircut. In fact, I am calling today for an appt. this week! Love you, Mom

PhilandTheresa said...

You are a hottie!!! I agree it is silly to spend a lot on a cut- I hate paying the 13$ even!!

Aaron said...

lookin' good sis.

VanHoorik's Zoo said...

Your hair looks great! You have the same hair as me so my sugestion to get that look again is to go out a buy a good 1/2" ceramic flat iron. Target has them for about 20bucks.

Linds said...

It looks wonderful! Short hair is the best - and I thought that BEFORE I had kids. :)

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