Practicing for the Plane Ride

This morning the kids and I have been gathering up some things for Florida. As I was rounding up some stuff I remembered that a while back when we bought one of our larger purchases (maybe a TV or something??) we'd gotten a "free" personal DVD player. So I started digging around in the office closet and voila - there it was, still in the box. I broke it out, charged it up, and the kids thought it was pretty fancy!! I showed Carson how to work the buttons and told him he should "practice for the plane ride" - I'm all about attempting to prep him for sitting in one spot for 3 hours! He thinks he's pretty hot stuff now. This'll hopefully work out pretty well - Peyton can watch The Wiggles and Elmo on our laptop and Carson can watch Cars on his "OWN PUTER" as he calls it. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that everything goes as planned. :)


Becky said...

That pose is definitely "picture worthy" of him sitting like a little prince on the chair! He looks so cute sitting there with his legs straight out in front of him. I hope having his "own puter" is the ticket for his sitting still for your flight. That would really be nice, wouldn't it?

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