The Ultimate Fish-sitter

For the past week we've been fish-sitting for our neighbors across the street while they're gone on vacation. (Colin has two fish who have some incredibly original names - Elmo and Dorothy) Carson has taken this job of fish-sitting VERY seriously. Every day he helps feed them, but more importantly, he's decided that they need to be sang to daily. He has me help pull a stool up to the counter next to the fish, then he makes sure he has everything he needs (a drink, a snack, his cars...sometimes his chapstick - depends on the day!) to hang out and sing for the long haul. I finally got some of his singing on video and thought I'd share. I'm thinking once people see how good pets have it when they stay at the Libby's we'll be able to start charging pet "spa" rates. I'll have to work up some "package deals" for people to choose from...the "Zaccheus Package and the "ABC Package" for sure. :)


Kate said...

Ahh, maybe he'll be a marine biologist or something someday, swimming and singing to the fishies.

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